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New Moon Series

Join Michelle Voeller for this 4 week series to boost your toward spring and align with your true self.   The New Moon is always a powerful time to turn inward and set new intentions for the next month.  Those intentions are even more powerful when we meet in community. Each class includes guided meditation and flowing vinyasa yoga.  All are welcome. Use your class package or $50 by Feb. 2 ($60 regular). 4 Tuesdays February 9 through March 1;   7:00-8:00 p.m.
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Breath of Bliss: Ecstatic Dance and Breathwork w/ Mary Ellen Flesher

Discover what wants to be expressed and moved through you.  This journey is a playful one.  You will tap into your curiosity through movement and breathwork to learn what your physical and energetic bodies want to communicate.  Move and release stuck energy, experience life-affirming insights and leave feeling creative, energetic and blissful. Mary Ellen Flesher is a Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator with a passion for creativity, play and personal growth. Date:   Saturday, March 5, 2016 Time:  2:00-3:30 Cost:  $15
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SoulSweat is "new-edge dance fitness."  It is an advanced work out program that enhances coordination, tones the body, increases stamina and gives you a whole new repertoire of moves for the dance floor. Students are taught to move from their core, and then shown how to gradually add layers to connect with their dynamic flow of energy, natural sensuality and abandoned self-expression.    Expect an exuberant and inspired class!  
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