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Ben – Acupuncture

Ben has practiced Oriental Medicine since 2001.   A graduate of Brown University and the New England School of Acupuncture, Ben has been nationally certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Ben centers his acupuncture approach in Japanese acupuncture, Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Methods and Master Tung distal acupuncture methods.  He is also the developer of Backupuncture, a non-manipulative approach to instantly correcting misalignments and chronic pain of the spine  using acupuncture, acupressure, electrical stimulation or cold laser. Besides acupuncture, Ben also practices craniosacral therapy, and has been a long-time practitioner of shamanic healing practices, as well as an instructor of awareness and pain relief meditation in the Zen tradition since 1995.  He has had a practice in Cortez, CO since 2003 and is in transition to living full time in Denver, where he hopes to pursue a doctorate, teach and research acupuncture.


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Helen – Reiki Restorative

Helen has been practicing yoga for over 15 years.  What attracted her to yoga was the calming effects it had in her life as she attempted to balance the raising her 3 sons while working full time as a paralegal.


Once her sons left the nest (technically speaking), Helen wanted to deepen her understanding of yoga and enrolled in the Axis 200 hour training program.  The experience became a pivotal point in her life and lead her to enroll in Reiki I and II training courses.

Helen is honored to offer opportunities to others to experience the healing and calmness properties of both yoga and reiki.



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Michelle – Zumba

Michelle Oberle is in her 2nd year as a Zumba instructor. After years of triathlon and run training, Michelle felt stuck and bored with her workouts.  She first discovered Zumba in San Jose, CA and immediately fell in love! She was able to maintain her cardio and athletic performance while having fun dancing for some of her workouts. Michelle believes you owe it to your future self to stay active and healthy – the 90 year old you will thank you!

 In addition to Zumba, Michelle is also Aqua Zumba® and STRONG by Zumba® certified. When she isn’t teaching, Michelle spends time with her two pups – Bailey & Brad, on projects for her dog rescue, The Good Dog Rescue, and enjoying time with her family and friends!


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Natalie – Conscious Dance Lab

Dancing is a deep passion for Natalie Gentry, almost as much a part of her as breathing.   Dancing is medicine for her soul, especially when she is lost in movement.  Her offering is a Conscious Dance Lab, and her intention is to invite participants to play in conscious movement with a little Soul Motion flavor. Get out of the mind and into the body!   Allow impulses, feelings, senses, and sensations to inspire our movements!

Natalie believes that there is a deep connection between how we feel and move in our bodies and how we feel and move in our lives. How could your life shift if what you experience on the dance floor inspires how you move through your life?

Her movement experience includes ballet, Swing Choir (singing and dancing), aerobics, African dance, belly dancing, tango, Nia, Body Mantra, and Soul Motion.   She is also a Soul Motion leader-in-training. These movement forms, coupled with 20 years of experience as a massage therapist and 8 years of experience as a breath coach, have helped her to develop a solid life practice of noticing how to live in her body and move through her life.

Come dance with Natalie and share this journey!

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Sonia – Trance Dance

Sonia Wolf is a a Trance Dance Space Holder, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Shamanic Practitioner.   Sonia is French, with Italian and Spanish roots.  She was raised in Africa and islands of the Indian Ocean. She has been traveling in Africa, Europe, India, Asia and United States studying Yoga, Shamanism and Dance.  She incorporates many of the shamanic and movement transformative tools of those cultures into her own work.      

Sonia has been a spiritual seeker since childhood, and has always been interested in the body, movement, and rhythms and how they intersect with the spiritual, sacred, and nature. She loves leading groups of people beyond the normal five senses into trance states, where we can dance, journey, pray, and experience Oneness.

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Yolanda – Office Assistant

The cornerstone for everything in Yolanda’s life is community.  Consciously nurturing relationships and community building, whether it be in the refugee community, literacy promoting and literary communities, spiritual and healing communities, or embodiment practice communities is what Yolanda sees as essential. 

Day by day, Yolanda strives to co-create, deepen and widen with others a culture of trust, creative inquiry, and deep respect for self, others and the Earth that sustains us. 

“And Wherever possible,  I want it to be fun.”

Dancing the Soul has been a home to Yolanda for years as she explored the many movement and healing modalities offered.  She is happy to now be front desk/support staff and help to welcome others looking to get in touch and in balance with themselves, and to laugh, have fun, and ‘add their light to the sum of light’ in a safe and sacred space.

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Awakening Heart, Mind, Body

Part of our Conscious Movement Practice, Awakening Heart, Mind, Body provides you the time and space to rest in restorative yoga poses, soften into guided meditation and find your own prayer dance through movement or stillness. A tender, mid-week renewal for everyone who desires to move through life Dancing the Soul.

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Conscious Dance Lab

Dive into the platforms and landscapes of Conscious Movement. Connect more deeply with the rhythms of your body and life through this awakening practice. Conscious Dance Lab invites you to delve into Dance Intimate, Dance Communion, Dance Community, and Dance Infinite within a container of facilitated movement inquiry. Bring your unique style and open up to greater inner knowing with the added support of inspiring (and sometimes playful) music and a community that is dancing that path with you. No previous experience is needed. All levels of movement are welcome and curiosity is encouraged.

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Renew and Restore through Subtle Energy, Guided Meditation and Sound

Renew and Restore is a unique class in which you have the opportunity to relax your body, mind and heart through subtle energy work, guided meditation and sound.  Peggy will guide you through breath and body relaxation sessions and calm your spirit using a number of  healing sounds:”angel tuners,” tibetan bowls, chimes.   And if you choose, you can experience healing touch or reiki during this hour long class.  It is a mid-week treat for your soul.  


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