January 2015

Hello Everyone: One of my favorite books is Mark Nepo's The Book of Awakenings.  His short daily devotions provide insight and centering for our lives.   In one of his January devotions, he explores how rare and precious it is to be in this human form at this time and place.   His words resonate with me because sometimes it is hard to soften into this type of gratitude -- gratitude for simply being alive and aware.  Whether we are going through easy or difficult times, our particular human birth at this time and in this place is unrepeatable and purposeful. So given our unique and precious human form, our challenge is to be awake to what we feel, what we love and the choices we make in the moment.   There is little more that we need ask of ourselves.   What a nice way to open ourselves to this New Year:   resting and softening into the Now. Margie
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The Present Moment – Christmas/New Year 2014-2015

Hello Everyone:

A couple of weeks ago, 60 Minutes aired a segment in which Anderson Cooper participated in a 3 day meditation workshop led by Jon Kabot-Zinn, a leader in mindfulness meditation. 

I really appreciated the segment because it reminded me that meditation/mindfulness is not something we have to add to our daily routine; it is NOT one more thing we have to DO. 

Rather, it is a way of Being.  Being in each moment: being in rest, being in meetings, being in eating and being with friends.    

Yet as Cooper realized, the idea of being in the present moment is not always easy.  Our need to multi-task, to plan, to interact with numerous people on different levels at the same time often takes us away from our ability to be in the present.

But just as in other areas of our lives, our willingness to practice is what matters.  All we need do is continue to come back to our breath and take time to remember that the only "real" moment in life is the present  one --no matter how imperfect, sad,  flawed or exhilarating that moment is. 

And so I wish you many present moments as we move into the new year and many opportunities to practice a different way of being in each moment. 

Margie ***********************************************************************************
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You Are Enough — December 2014

Enough.  These few words are enough,
If not these words, this breath,
If not this breath, this sitting here.
This opening to the life
we have refused again and again
until now. 
        Until Now.          
                     by David Whyte
Hello Everyone:
I fell in love with David Whyte's poetry many years ago.  With such simplicity, he breathes beauty and meaning onto the page.  I keep this one particular poem on my desk to remind me that who I am and what I have is truly enough.  "I am enough" seems especially important to remember during this time of year when we feel compelled to shop and buy, to constantly be with friends, to attend one party after another, and to go non-stop.  Yet, at some point, it seems important to know that it is Enough to simply sit and open to the moment before us.   
I wish all of you many moments of knowing that you, just as you are, Are Enough!   Happy Holidays.  
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To Dance One’s Soul — November, 2014

Many people have commented that they love the DtS logo -- the butterfly above the name.  However, if you look closely, you will notice that the logo is not really a butterfly, but a dancer with wings, a spirit who is dancing her soul. 

So what does it mean to dance one's soul?  For me, it means to be deeply in touch with all of one's life:  the sorrow and joy, the anger and happiness,  the anxiety and gratitude. 

It is to embrace all that we are and all that we feel, and give ourselves the opportunity to move, meditate and heal in a variety of ways.    I am a certified yoga teacher, yet I know that the movement of Feldenkrais or Qigong may help someone heal in a different way than yoga.  And a Nia class and a meditation class may provide healing and insight in equal and different ways.  All we need do is to open ourselves to the variety of ways we can delve into our souls.

This type of "opening up" is Dancing the Soul -- at its core, the healing power of multiple modalities of movement and stillness allows us to connect with our bodies and move more deeply into our heart.

                              And so . . . I invite you to come and dance your soul . . .   Margie 

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DtS 4th Anniversary Coming Up in December — October 2014

DtS turns four this December. It's been an amazing four years of growth and change, and I am continually grateful for the way in which our community has blossomed.

This summer, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks on a beautiful Greek Island where life is simple, relaxed and balanced. For me, it was a time to reconnect to the water and the rhythm of my life, and to meditate on the future of the strong feminine spirit of DtS.

More than ever, I know her future is rooted in my initial vision for the Center--a place in which movement and stillness are equally valued and come together to provide balance and harmony in our lives.

As such and as the new year approaches, you will notice some new instructors and classes, and some changes in class times and types of classes. I welcome you to take this opportunity to try different modalities and welcome in the unique ways of connecting to your body, heart and soul through movement and stillness.


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Flawed and Fabulous – December 2014

Hello Everyone:

The other day, a friend sent me Courtney Walsh's  ( humorous piece entitled "Dear Human" (**see below).    I love this letter, especially at this time of year, because her words remind me of the beauty of our humanness and what it means to love as a human being: 

 it's messy and crazy, it means crying and laughing, falling and getting back up, it's infused with divinity and the grace of stumbling.

 All in all, this being human is about being flawed and fabulous --gorgeously so.  

Knowing that I didn't come here to master unconditional love or some state of perfection but rather to keep showing up, doing my best and staying present and fully alive -- is enough. 

This I can take into the holidays and the new year.  

This I can bring to my gatherings with friends and family and into my new year's resolutions. 

It's Enough . . . in fact, It's Plenty.    

Wishing you the gift of "being human" and celebrating yourself as "flawed & fabulous."   


* The Letter   by Courtney Walsh 

Dear Human:

You've got it all wrong.  You didn't come here to master unconditional love.  That is where you came from and where you'll return.  You came here to learn personal love. 

Universal love.  Messy love, Sweaty love.  Crazy love.  Broken love.  Whole love. 

Infused with divinity.  Lived through the grace of stumbling.  Demonstrated through the beauty of . . .  messing up.  Often.

You didn't come here to be perfect.  You already are.  You came here to be gorgeously human.  Flawed and fablulous. 

And then to rise again into remembering.

But unconditional love?  Stop telling that story.  Love, in truth, doesn't need ANY other adjectives.  It doesn't require modifiers. It doesn't require the condition of perfection.  It only asks that you show up.  And do your best.  That you stay present and feel fully. 

That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU. 

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