The Present Moment – Christmas/New Year 2014-2015

Hello Everyone:

A couple of weeks ago, 60 Minutes aired a segment in which Anderson Cooper participated in a 3 day meditation workshop led by Jon Kabot-Zinn, a leader in mindfulness meditation. 

I really appreciated the segment because it reminded me that meditation/mindfulness is not something we have to add to our daily routine; it is NOT one more thing we have to DO. 

Rather, it is a way of Being.  Being in each moment: being in rest, being in meetings, being in eating and being with friends.    

Yet as Cooper realized, the idea of being in the present moment is not always easy.  Our need to multi-task, to plan, to interact with numerous people on different levels at the same time often takes us away from our ability to be in the present.

But just as in other areas of our lives, our willingness to practice is what matters.  All we need do is continue to come back to our breath and take time to remember that the only “real” moment in life is the present  one –no matter how imperfect, sad,  flawed or exhilarating that moment is. 

And so I wish you many present moments as we move into the new year and many opportunities to practice a different way of being in each moment. 



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