You Are Enough — December 2014

Enough.  These few words are enough,
If not these words, this breath,
If not this breath, this sitting here.
This opening to the life
we have refused again and again
until now. 
        Until Now.          
                     by David Whyte
Hello Everyone:
I fell in love with David Whyte's poetry many years ago.  With such simplicity, he breathes beauty and meaning onto the page.  I keep this one particular poem on my desk to remind me that who I am and what I have is truly enough.  "I am enough" seems especially important to remember during this time of year when we feel compelled to shop and buy, to constantly be with friends, to attend one party after another, and to go non-stop.  Yet, at some point, it seems important to know that it is Enough to simply sit and open to the moment before us.   
I wish all of you many moments of knowing that you, just as you are, Are Enough!   Happy Holidays.  
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