Lora Skien head shot

Lora Skien’s greatest passion is her physical and spiritual connection to dance. Studying many styles of dance throughout her youth provided important  foundations to disciplines and expressions through movement.  In college, Lora embarked on a year long study abroad to the Ivory Coast in Africa.  Her life was forever transformed through this experience.

The demanding physical movements of African Dance and the foreign, cultural experiences of the “spirit” in dance captivated her.  Her adventurist spirit and love for cultural diversity and travel propelled her to seek further.  Along her journey, she discovered the soul of Flamenco.   Traveling and studying mixed disciplines (in both Egypt and Turkey), Lora dove deep into the feminine spirit and rich history of  Belly Dance.    Recently, Lora trained in Nia, her most  recent connection to movement. Nia for postcard For her, Nia brings together dance, personal expression and spiritual  awakening.  When  you attend one of  Lora’s Nia classes you will experience all of these movements forms!!


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