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Creative Flow Yoga – Based in Hatha Yoga, Creative Flow Yoga increases your awareness of the connection between your breath, your body and your spirit.  You will move through a series of gentle yet energizing yoga poses. You will leave feeling more at home in your body and your spirit.  All-levels welcome. Revisiting Yoga Fundamentals:  Transitioning through Poses - Ever wonder why you get stuck moving from child's pose into Cobra, or have difficulty transitioning from warrior into a lunge? Come explore the many and varied transitions yoga allows you to move through.  For both the experienced and new-to-yoga student. Evening Flow Yoga - You will move, stretch, root down and find your center in this gentle evening flow yoga class.  You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to step into your evening. Gentle Yoga - Give yourself the freedom to move and be still.   Follow your own pace as you strengthen, lengthen, relax and restore.  Allow yourself to smile and be playful as you enjoy the Dance of Yoga.
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