Krystle – Fusion Belly Dance

Krystle Barth grew up in Denver and finds joy in dance, art and science.  While working on her degree Biology at MSU Denver, she discovered a Belly Dance classes offered by Lia Ridley.  For Krystle, belly dance was liberating; she instantly fell in love with the dance form.  She soon became a teaching assistant and in 2013 she co-founded the Beat Nomads Belly Dance Troupe.  Since then, she has been performing, teaching and continuing to train under numerous local and internationally recognized belly dance instructors.  For Krystle, belly dance has been a tool used to understand and express the human experience.  It has provided opportunities for storytelling, movement art, social commentary, costume design, deeper music appreciation, building self-confidence and discovering her love of teaching.   As a teacher she encourages students to love their bodies and explore how dance can move them both physically and emotionally.  Through the development of sharp technique and clear dance vocabulary, Krystle aims to guide students in finding their own personal style and means of self-expression.  As a fusion belly dancer she welcomes and plays with many additional dance styles including modern dance, hip-hop, flamenco and Indian dance.

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