Mahdyeh – Fusion Belly Dance

                                            Mahdyeh is a Denver native who began her belly dancing career in elementary education.  She found an instantaneous love, ability and spiritual release in blending different sounds and different dance styles with the ancient art of belly dance.  Mahdyeh has used her training as a teacher to help develop cohesive and attainable class structures for dance.   She has trained in numerous dance styles, has taught belly dance at the high school level and is a co-founder of the Beat Nomads Belly Dancing Troupe.  As a new mom, Mahdyeh loves the physical strength that belly dancing cultivates within the body.  As an artist, she loves having the ability to use mind, body and emotion to create art.  As a dancer, she loves the muscle and memory building movement that melts into the smooth, slinky motions of belly dance.  She hopes to connect her students to the strength and love within each body, the creativity within each mind and the beauty of each passionate soul.    When she isn’t dancing she is usually outdoors hiking, camping, reading, doing yoga and Pilates, or taking her daughter on an adventure.


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