Stacey Bramley is a psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and Trauma-Informed yoga therapist in Denver, CO.  She is also the owner of Mindful Awakening Counseling & Wellness, her private practice in Denver.   Yoga helps Stacey find connection with her body,  acceptance for herself, and serves as a safe space to handle stress, life transitions, and challenging days.


As a Trauma-Informed yoga instructor, Stacey creates a safe space for individuals struggling with anxiety and those who identify with trauma.  She uses the teachings of yoga to assist in self-regulation and the ability to handle triggering situations. Trauma Informed yoga and Yoga for Stress & Anxiety uses movement, breath, neurophysiology, and yogic philosophy to support the re-wiring of neural pathways in the brain to help resolve traumatic memories and anxiety provoking situations.  It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest state of being. 

Each day, Stacey is amazed by the healing that can occur when one develops awareness of the body; she feels incredibly honored to have the opportunity to support individuals on their life journey.

“Through gaining a mastery of our sensations, and reclaiming the power in our bodies, we come to a place of authentic autonomy, where, self-empowerment comes via the route of the body.”                  Peter Levine

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