January 2015

Hello Everyone:

One of my favorite books is Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakenings.  His short daily devotions provide insight and centering for our lives.   In one of his January devotions, he explores how rare and precious it is to be in this human form at this time and place.  

His words resonate with me because sometimes it is hard to soften into this type of gratitude — gratitude for simply being alive and aware.  Whether we are going through easy or difficult times, our particular human birth at this time and in this place is unrepeatable and purposeful.

So given our unique and precious human form, our challenge is to be awake to what we feel, what we love and the choices we make in the moment.   There is little more that we need ask of ourselves.  

What a nice way to open ourselves to this New Year:   resting and softening into the Now.


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