Melissa – Zumba

Melissa A afterMelissa Williams’ journey is an incredible one of determination, hard work and commitment.  In 2008, she was in her mid-twenties, had terrible eating habits, never exercised and was close to 300 pounds.  After bariatric surgery, she realized that the surgery was only the starting point to turning her life around.  Making and maintaining healthy choices and exercising regularly was the key.

But staying at home to exercise in front of a DVD wasn’t the answer either.  Melissa knew she needed a public setting to hold herself accountable.  ItMelissa action 1 was then that she discovered Zumba at Studio Thrive.  Very soon after, she became licensed to teach Zumba.  Her Zumba classes are high energy and she constantly changes the moves and music to keep the class interesting.  In addition to teaching Zumba, Melissa runs, hikes, plays tennis, and ballroom dances.  Come play and be inspired in her class.

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