Natalie – Conscious Dance Lab

Dancing is a deep passion for Natalie Gentry, almost as much a part of her as breathing.   Dancing is medicine for her soul, especially when she is lost in movement.  Her offering is a Conscious Dance Lab, and her intention is to invite participants to play in conscious movement with a little Soul Motion flavor. Get out of the mind and into the body!   Allow impulses, feelings, senses, and sensations to inspire our movements!

Natalie believes that there is a deep connection between how we feel and move in our bodies and how we feel and move in our lives. How could your life shift if what you experience on the dance floor inspires how you move through your life?

Her movement experience includes ballet, Swing Choir (singing and dancing), aerobics, African dance, belly dancing, tango, Nia, Body Mantra, and Soul Motion.   She is also a Soul Motion leader-in-training. These movement forms, coupled with 20 years of experience as a massage therapist and 8 years of experience as a breath coach, have helped her to develop a solid life practice of noticing how to live in her body and move through her life.

Come dance with Natalie and share this journey!

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