Shira – Feldenkrais

Shira Salzberg’s love of movement inspired her to become a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education.   She has also had the opportunity to study and teach the Child’Space method that focuses on infant developmental movement.   Shira has taught Creative Dance to pre-schoolers at Children’s Dance Place and Between the Bones.

As a mother of 4 and now with 3 grandchildren, Shira became more aware of the developmental value of exploration and learning through movement.  She enjoys revisiting the richness of these movements with her adult students so that they can more fully move through their lives.  Shira feels that each class is an exploration in how touch and movement support our healthiest, happiest selves.  Her hope is that every person in her class will find something that is personally meaningful and useful in order to experience more ease, coordination and balance in their lives. 

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