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Belly Dancing – All Levels

Belly dancing is a low impact, creative aerobic workout that contributes to enhanced physical fitness as well as emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our Gypsy Style will move you closer to your feelings and provide a format through which you can express those feelings.   Veil dancing provides an additional creative dimension.  All classes focus on choreographed group and veil dances so that each person is eventually able to create a short routine of her own.

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Body-centered Meditation

The heart, body and mind will all be accessed through breathing, mindfulness, and loving kindness.  Ideal for first-time meditators; for all ages and physical abilities.

Practice the art of meditation:  calm the body and heart.

  Ivan Provorov Authentic

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Feldenkrais: Awareness Through Movement

Move better and improve your life!  Through guided movements and improved awareness of how you move you can eliminate pain, calm your nervous system, encourage rehabilitation from injury/surgery,  and do whatever it is you love to do with more ease and elegance.   Feldenkrais engages all of you, and especially your brain in altering patterns or habits that no longer serve you.   

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Tai Chi/Qigong

Tai Chi is a system of movements and postures; qigong includes breathing exercises and meditations. The purpose of these practices is to generate and balance our “vital energy” or “life force.” The many benefits include greater energy, improved balance and better flexibility. Qigong is also used as a form of moving meditation. 

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Creative Flow Yoga – Based in Hatha Yoga, Creative Flow Yoga increases your awareness of the connection between your breath, your body and your spirit.  You will move through a series of gentle yet energizing yoga poses. You will leave feeling more at home in your body and your spirit.  All-levels welcome.


Gentle Yoga – Give yourself the freedom to move and be still.   Follow your own pace as you stretch, relax and restore.  Allow yourself to smile and be playful as you enjoy the Dance of Yoga.

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Zumba is an engaging dance infused with Latin and other international rhythms. It combines easy-to-follow steps with calorie-burning and resistance training in a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will help you tone and sculpt your body. No previous dance experience is necessary. 

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