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Peggy McElwain – Renew and Restore Meditation

Peggy has practiced Reiki and Healing Touch for 10 years.  She received her education in the healing arts in Durango, Colorado. 

Peggy achieved the highest level of Healing Touch certification through Mercy Medical Center and Master Level Reiki certification through Land Cloud Studios.  These methods focus on subtle energy allowing healing to occur on all levels – spiritual, emotional, physical and mental as guided by the relationship between healer and client.  

She uses these modalities in her sessions to assist clients in releasing what is no longer needed for them and to connect them to the life force energy of the universe.  She enjoys helping clients to come into relationship with their highest selves.  She can be reached at 970-769-4664 for Private Healing Touch or Reiki Session.  

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Susan Lucerne-Lawton comes to Dancing the Soul with over ten years of dedication, study, and facilitation of embodiment practices.  She is certified in Let Your Yoga Dance for both kids and adults, Nia, Yoga and Mindfulness. 
Susan shifted her life focus a decade ago, by committing to the discovery and the sharing of embodiment practices to as broad a community as possible.  She finds these potent practices have the potential to increase life force, develop strength with softness, and nourish heart and healing.  In her Awakening Heart, Mind and Body class, Susan bring Restorative Yoga, Guided Meditation and Prayer Dancing together in an exquisite hour of movement and stillness.  

 David Pastrnak Womens

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