Soul Motion w/ Randy Miller

You are invited to relax together in a field of    belonging, to share your dance in stillness and in motion.  

Come dance through the four exquisite landscapes of  Conscious Dance:  

The Dance Intimate:  being with self!  The Dance Communion:  being with another!   The Dance Community:  being with others!   The Dance Infinite:  returning to self!  

Friday, March 22,  7:00-9:00 p.m.

Saturday Morning,  March 23, 10:00-1:00

Saturday Afternoon,  March 23,  2:00-4:00

Sunday Morning Meditation, March 24, 9:00-10:00

Sunday Morning, March 24, 9:00-1:00

All  Sessions Open for Drop-ins

Weekend Event:  $160

Early-bird:  $150 by March 1        

                         Individual Session Pricing:

Friday Evening:  $35; Saturday Morning:  $40;  Saturday Afternoon: $35;  Sunday Moving Meditation Hour (9-10): $20;  Entire Sunday ($45) 

*Join us for a potluck at Margie’s after the Saturday afternoon session.  


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