Yolanda – Office Assistant

The cornerstone for everything in Yolanda’s life is community.  Consciously nurturing relationships and community building, whether it be in the refugee community, literacy promoting and literary communities, spiritual and healing communities, or embodiment practice communities is what Yolanda sees as essential. 

Day by day, Yolanda strives to co-create, deepen and widen with others a culture of trust, creative inquiry, and deep respect for self, others and the Earth that sustains us. 

“And Wherever possible,  I want it to be fun.”

Dancing the Soul has been a home to Yolanda for years as she explored the many movement and healing modalities offered.  She is happy to now be front desk/support staff and help to welcome others looking to get in touch and in balance with themselves, and to laugh, have fun, and ‘add their light to the sum of light’ in a safe and sacred space. 

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